10Fitness+ offers a full schedule of intense fitness classes, including:

Functional Training

10+ Functional Training is the application of a myriad of fitness modalities, designed to increase athletic performance, overall strength, and lean body composition.  It incorporates multi-joint movements, Olympic lift variations, gymnastic techniques, and total body exercises.  Combined with jumps, sprints, agility drills and conditioning work, 10+ Functional Training will lead to improved overall athletic performance as well as a better quality of life. 


10+ Spinning is an effective way to shape and tone your way to a new level of fitness, without the challenges and hazards of riding on the road.  Warmups, slow climbs, sprints and fast cadence straight aways will challenge even the most robust athletes.  Enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors,  quality music, and an energized atmosphere ensures that every class will push you to the limit.

Boot Camp

10+ Boot Camp will challenge even the most mentally and physically tough.  Structured programming ensures a positive, fun environment while working to develop long-term results.  Reducing your weight, melting away body fat, and increasing body tone and energy are only a few of the benefits of 10+ Boot Camp.


10+ Yoga will help you achieve a new level of physical and mental discipline.  Relax and manage stress, while increasing your strength and endurance.  A guided series of smooth, fluid movements attenuate your mind and body and bring a new level of inner peace.  Reduced stress, a lower vulnerability to illness, improved flexibility, weight loss, and increased fitness are all achievable through 10+ Yoga.

Cardio Sculpt

10+ Cardio Sculpt combines strength training with short bursts of intense cardio intervals — to raise your metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle tone.  This class is modifiable and suitable for all fitness levels.


10+ KickBoxing is a high-intensity, non-contact cardio class based upon martial arts moves — involving a series of punches and kicks designed for class members to perform both aerobically and non-aerobically, at their own fitness level.  Each class in one hour long, and includes warm-up, cool-down, and abdominal exercises.

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